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Why Publish a Book?

There are many reasons for publishing a corporate history book, but all have the same core purpose: to inspire and rally stakeholders with your story at an important point in history — and to do so in a timeless medium that speaks to your organization's endurance, pride, standard of excellence and stature.

A well-done book not only preserves the story of an organization. It reminds people of their common heritage and shared future. It unifies far-flung operations and instills in employees or members a sense of community, pride, strength and confidence. It enhances a company's image and helps management connect with employees, customers, shareholders, community leaders, legislators, benefactors and the news media.

When might you publish a book? Anytime you've reached an important milestone or are embarking on major change. A book is a great way to honor those who have brought you to where you are, to leverage history or a shared story into present-day success or to prepare people to take the next step into the future. Here are some events that our clients have launched or supported with a book:

  • Major anniversaries
  • Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and IPOs
  • Shifts in corporate strategy
  • Growth milestones, product launches and other major achievements
  • Leadership changes
  • Capital or development campaigns
  • Public relations and culture-change initiatives