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The Greenwich Publishing Group Story

Greenwich Publishing is about to celebrate its thirtieth year as a custom publisher of corporate history books. We were founded in 1987 by R. Mowry Mann, a former public relations executive best known for creating the "crying Indian" anti-litter campaign in the early 1970s. He closed the deal on his first book after the CEO asked, "Why should I be your guinea pig?" and Mowry replied, "Because nobody will work harder for you since the rest of my life is in this book." With equal passion and dedication, Greenwich since has published nearly 100 books for clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to trade associations, mid-sized businesses, hospitals and churches.

Greenwich Publishing offers you a seasoned team of professionals experienced in publishing and corporate communications. Our project-management and editorial staff will oversee your project, coordinating a process involving proven authors, researchers, art directors, graphic designers, printers, book finishers and, when the project demands, videographers and multimedia producers.

We have valued, long-term relationships with our suppliers. They're accustomed to the ever-increasing level of creativity and quality we demand, and we've worked with them repeatedly to deliver imaginative, cost-effective results. We work with accomplished authors who have a flair for storytelling, who are well-versed in their subjects and who understand the corporate communications mission. We use talented graphic designers who imaginatively fill every book with photographs, artifacts and sidebars that continually renew a reader's interest.

True to Mowry's commitment, we're creative, hard-working and dedicated publishing partners. We pride ourselves on doing premium-quality work and on having fun doing it. Our clients appreciate the enthusiasm we bring to a project. Most important, they credit us with delivering what we promise and usually a good bit more.