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Greenwich Publishing News

Leading Utility Company Chooses Greenwich

A Fortune 250 energy company with a major presence in Southeastern and mid-Atlantic states has chosen Greenwich to publish its 100th anniversary history book. The company plans to introduce the book toward the end of 2008, its anniversary year. The book will be produced to help foster a one-company spirit and shared story among the 11,000 employees of this diversified utility company, and to articulate the company's capabilities and services to a range of other audiences, including customers, shareholders and community members.

Electrical Products Distributor Selects Greenwich

A leading distributor of electrical, telecommunications and networking products has chosen Greenwich to publish a book about the company's 140-year history. With customers and employees in mind as its primary readership, the book will tell the present-day story of the company, which is one of the largest and oldest employee-owned firms in North America. Publication is scheduled for early 2009.

Major Research Institute Chooses Greenwich to Tell its Story

Greenwich Publishing is helping one of the world's top independent research institutes get its story out with a book to be published for its 50th anniversary. The book will help the institute raise its external visibility and ensure that the market understands its contributions and capabilities in a wide range of practice areas, including health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, democratic governance, economic and social development, energy and the environment. Publication is scheduled for the fall of 2008.

Greenwich to Publish Book for Medical Device Manufacturer

A pioneering private company that was among the first to introduce devices for interventional medicine in the United States has chosen Greenwich as publisher of a book about its history and present business. The book will tell the story of the company's origins in the spare bedroom of its founders' apartment and growth into one of the world's leaders in device design and manufacture in interventional medicine, biopharma, gene and cell therapy and biotechnology. Publication is scheduled for early 2008, with an anticipated readership of employees, retirees, recruits, customers, physicians, community members, legislators and other VIPs.

Greenwich Publishes Anniversary Book for Appleton

Greenwich published Applying Technology for Performance, a book about Appleton, a leading manufacturer of carbonless, thermal and specialty papers, security products and performance packaging. The book paints a contemporary portrait of the Wisconsin-based company, which was incorporated in 1907 and purchased by employees in 2001. As the centerpiece of the company's 100th anniversary celebration, the book was created to foster ownership of a shared story and vision among employees, suppliers and partners.

Rendering Leader to Publish Book with Greenwich

The leading company in the rendering industry — family-owned for three generations — will publish a book with Greenwich to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The book is intended primarily for employees, family members and suppliers, for whom its goals are to deepen people's connection with the company and help them understand, appreciate and perpetuate its culture. The book, scheduled for publication in the fall of 2008, also will have marketing and communication uses.

Toolsmaker's History to Hit Streets in 2008

The company whose specialized tools wired Chicago for electricity in the 1800s will introduce a 100th anniversary book — produced by Greenwich Publishing — in 2008. The book celebrates four generations of family ownership of the company, which has been based in the Chicago area since its founding in 1857. The book is intended to pass stories, values, lessons and culture to future generations of employees and family members while increasing awareness of the company's products and capabilities.

Anadarko Publishes Book with Greenwich

Just before going to press for its book Twenty Years of Independence, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation — one of the nation's leading oil and gas exploration companies — doubled its size with a pair of acquisitions. Greenwich thoroughly revised the book to reflect the company's expanded mission and published it with only a short delay in schedule. Initially intended to honor the contribution of Anadarko's employees, the book has played a key role in integrating the acquired companies by helping to foster a shared story and unify diverse cultures.

Appliance/Electronics Retailer Chooses Greenwich for Book

The appliance/electronics industry is legendary for high-profile, short-lived retailers. But one company, a New York-area chain with almost fifty showrooms, has survived for 100 years under three generations of family ownership and operation. That company has hired Greenwich to produce its history book in order to preserve the heritage of the company and the family and to honor the contribution of its employees. The book is scheduled for publication in the fall of 2008.

Avionics Company Plans Book with Greenwich

One of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of aviation safety and performance instrumentation will publish a history book with Greenwich. The company, which pioneered stall-warning and wind-shear detection systems, hired Greenwich to publish a book that will capture the legacy of its founder and the company he built, to celebrate the accomplishments of employees and to help differentiate the company in its competitive marketplace. The book is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2007.

Church History Published by Greenwich Wins Award

The Second Congregational Church of Greenwich, Connecticut, won a first-place Frederick L. Fagley Award from the Congregational Christian Historical Society for its 300th anniversary book, Holy Granite on High Ground. The national award is given each year to a Congregational church that produces outstanding historical materials or anniversary projects. Greenwich published Holy Granite on High Ground in October 2005.

Ball Publishes 125th Anniversary Book with Greenwich

Greenwich published Signature of Excellence: Ball Corporation at 125 for the company that made the Ball jar famous and is now a world leader in beverage, food and household packaging as well as aerospace products and services. The book tells of the story of a company that was formed by five brothers to make wooden jackets for kerosene cans in 1880, adapted to market changes for 100 years, refocused and has produced a strong record of growth in the past 25 years.

Airstream Publishes 75th Anniversary Book with Greenwich

Greenwich published Wanderlust: Airstream at 75, a myth-busting history of the icon of travel trailers: the Airstream. Greenwich published this story of irrepressible spirit, American wanderlust and optimism, of timeless design and corporate intrigue in celebration of Airstream's 75th anniversary. Intended for customers, employees, dealers, suppliers and Airstream fanatics of all kinds, Wanderlust is a great read as well as one of the most graphically powerful books we've ever produced.

Booz Allen Hamilton Publishes Book with Greenwich

Greenwich published Helping Clients Envision the Future, celebrating Booz Allen Hamilton's ninety years as one of the world's premier management consultants. The book is witness to many of the most significant transformations in the history of public and private enterprise, and the shared role that Booz Allen and its clients had in facilitating them. Greenwich published the book to help raise Booz Allen's profile and to thank employees for their contribution to the firm's success.

USC Medical School Publishes Book with Greenwich

Greenwich published Trials and Transformation, the story of the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine. The book tells a 125-year story, from the school's founding in the frontier town of Los Angeles through its reinvigoration by a gift from the W.M. Keck Foundation to its current spot among the nation's top medical schools. The book honors the foundation for its gift and showcases the school's patient-care and research capabilities for the public and national funding organizations.