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The Value of Values
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The Value of Values

Every family has its values - a set of ideals, customs, beliefs and institutions that shape, define and bind the family, producing particular ways of thinking and doing. For the most successful and enduring families, these values are consistent over time and are passed on, most effectively in the form of storytelling.

Research shows that the families that actively work - in family reunions, annual family meetings, business mentoring and such - to transmit its values from one generation to the next are more successful at preserving wealth and minimizing family disagreements.

What are the values that unite your family and make it unique? What are the stories your family tells that reveal those values in action? Who are your family's heroes, what was it about them that was extraordinary, and what are the events and moments that define your family today?

These are the questions the team at Greenwich Publishing will explore with you to uncover the rich story of your family. The answers to these questions lie at the heart of a truly lasting and valuable book.