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Power Of The Story
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There is nothing like a story.

When a Hollywood Studio is considering a movie, the first thing they want to know is, "What's the story?" They have learned that big stars, big budgets, and all the special effects in the world will not make a movie successful if it is not based on a good story.

Why is that? Why is a story so powerful? For one thing, we are all conditioned to the story format from a young age. A story is easy to follow. A story also stays with a person for a long time. It is easy to recall and pass on to someone else.

And stories are imbued with emotion. They speak to the heart as well as to the head. When told in colorful detail and with vivid imagery, a story stays with people, moving them to new understanding, enthusiastic action or shared belief. Simple to follow and easy to recall, a great story gets told over and over, weaving through generations to pass along shared values, beliefs, experiences, and achievements.

That is why Greenwich Publishing puts such emphasis on the story. We want to capture your family history, to be sure, but more than that we want to help you craft a great story that your family members will read and re-read for generations.