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Family Histories

Every family has a story. A story that celebrates its heroes and accomplishments. A story that reflects the family's values, and gives present and future generations an understanding of the family's achievements so that they might be inspired to higher levels of purpose and success. The most enduring families put their stories to work.

For many years Greenwich Publishing has been the leader in publishing hard-working family books, going beyond dry history to the heart of a family's story. Our custom-crafted books - compellingly written, beautifully designed and flawlessly manufactured - are as much about today and tomorrow as they are about the past. They leverage a family's unique journey - in commerce, at home, in the philanthropic realm and elsewhere - to illuminate a path and unite family members toward a continually thriving future.

We are not archivists or genealogists. We are believers in the power of the story told in words and images. A family history told as a great story will result in a book which will be read and re-read by future generations, and the ideals, values, and lessons that earned a family its honored place in society will never be lost.

The Greenwich Publishing team of professional authors, editors, photo researchers, designers, printers and book manufacturers will vividly bring your family's story to life using a turn-key process in which we manage all aspects of the project. We will seek your approval at every step, and afford you as much or as little day-to-day involvement as you desire. You will own all rights, and you will have the freedom to distribute books to as wide or narrow a readership as you see fit.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of publishing a beautiful family history, please call our Publisher, Chris Capen, at 855-744-4090, or e-mail him at info@greenwichpublishing.com. There is absolutely no obligation, and he will be happy to share some hints on gathering information for a family history.