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Our clients include companies, trade associations, individuals and organizations in a wide range of markets and industries. They'll tell you they chose Greenwich Publishing because of the elegance and quality of our books, and because we understand the role our books play in support of communication, human resource or marketing efforts. Clients also speak favorably of the extraordinary level of service, enthusiasm and enjoyment we bring to our business relationships.

Client list

Greenwich Publishing Group Client Testimonials

"There is a philosophical legacy in our family that somehow survives each generation that mandates us to look only forward and never backward. The past has had but one value for us — to provide those lessons we can apply to assuring our future. Recording past events has always been low priority on our totem pole. To a great extent our new history book remedies all this. It does remind us of our glorious past and doubles our resolve to keep the glory going forever."

William K. Coors, Chairman and President
Adolph Coors Company, Golden, Colorado

"This book has been a labor of love and appreciation in trying to capture the essence of 130 years — the remarkable essence of a growing team of people who achieved continental if not global notoriety. This book... is a tribute to what they have become and where they are going."

Herb Kohler, Chairman and CEO
Kohler Co., Kohler, Wisconsin

"I am simply in awe of Airstream's 75th Anniversary book. It is magnificent, and has only served to create within me an even greater sense of pride for the Airstream organization."

Dicky Riegel, President and CEO
Airstream, Jackson Center, Ohio

"Our employees have told us they keep their books prominently displayed in their homes, and the same is true of the hundreds of volunteers who received books. Our culture is one where people love to come to work every day, and we think our book is a living symbol of that culture."

George Pawlush, Vice President, Public Relations and Community Affairs
Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, Connecticut

"Working with you to produce this book will always stand as one of the most satisfying and rewarding accomplishments of my professional career. In each and every way, Greenwich proved the perfect choice for this assignment. Your people are talented, dedicated and hard-working. What more could a client ask for!?!"

Tina S. Barry, Vice President, Corporate Communications
Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Dallas, Texas

"The book is a project I will never forget, nor will I lose my pride in being part of such a massive endeavor. All at Greenwich gave me confidence that it would culminate in a happy ending. But the end has been much better than 'happy.'"

Sondra A. Fowler, Manager, Corporate Public Affairs
Conoco Inc., Houston, Texas

"The best compliment has come from our chairman — who was somewhat skeptical of the cost effectiveness of the project. He recently told a reporter that he has become a true believer — that the book accomplished the goals we set out (increased pride among employees, retirees, shareholders and New Jersey opinion leaders) much better than he had thought possible."

Paul Rosengren, Manager, Communications and Research Services
PSEG, Newark, New Jersey

"It has been over a year since Doing It My Way was published, and I wanted you to know I am still receiving wonderful letters about it... The entire process was a revelation to me and an enjoyable journey through the past which gave me pleasure and sometimes brought back sad memories. But together we created a book I am proud of and I wanted you to know I appreciate all you did."

Winton M. Blount, Chairman of the Board
Blount International, Montgomery, Alabama